nlp_faqs What is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a study of the effects of communication. It is a simple and brilliant model of understanding how the mind works.

NLP is not therapy.

NLP is a model has been developed from the study of excellence in people.

NLP is a powerful insight, an education and a model of understanding of how language influences the thoughts, behaviour, health and performance of groups and individuals.

How you think affects your behaviour, nlp_communication              
Your behaviour affects your results

NLP centres on the working of the mind (Neuro) and the ways in which verbal and nonverbal language (Linguistics) affects thoughts, values, beliefs, capabilities and behavoiur … and ultimately results!

What you see, what you hear, what you taste, what you smell and what you feel makes up the natural subconscious language of the mind.

NLP not only provides tools to use these processes to understand HOW success is produced, NLP provides tools to build and produce success in different people in different areas of life.

NLP evolved through the collaboration of Richard Bandler, a psychotherapist, and John Grinder, a linguistic professor.

They set out to study what makes certain people ‘super achievers’.

Through their research on world-famous therapists and Fortune 500 executives (all considered to be the best communicators in their fields), they designed models and methods of exceptional communication and influence.

nlp_research_and_learningHow is NLP useful?

Besides enhancing awareness of ‘what’ can be done,

NLP offers tools for ‘how to’

Dream and Build a Future that is awesome, possible, attainable and fun to achieve. 

Develop Inspiration and Vision for yourself and associates in your work and your life.

Create Mutual Trust and Understanding with people from all walks of life.

Recognise Opportunity.

Establish Goals and Take Responsibility for Consequence.

Make Decisions from States of Excellence.

Dissolve Fears and Phobias .

Plan and Manage Time.

Memorise and Learn from Previous Experiences.




                                                                      Go for it !


what is possible …

NLP offers new tools to develop your skills in..

Outcome Agreement and Goal setting 
NLP skills produce exquisitely refined levels of communication and understanding to know and understand what you and others really want. This is the torque that motivates success.

Rapport and Empathy building Skills
NLP training in the conscious use of language patterns, body language and other distinct but subtle patterns, allows you to exert greater control over interactions and dramatically increase your influence. These are the vital steering and braking tools to ride the road.

Gathering Information
NLP gives you powerful and subtle tools to become a master at gathering pertinent information.

Language Use
NLP trains you to maximise the impact of what you say. This is the dynamic kinetic energy that propels any project to success.

Attitude Development
NLP gives you access to attitude – the vehicle that transports you along the road to your goals.

Strategic Planning
NLP shows you how to create an internal map to plan and build the road to your dreams and goals.

Step by step     

These tools are profoundly effective … and easy to Master.


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