Life Hacks from the Soccer!


As the rest of us grab a moment to keep up with the games, there is so much more at stake than just the winner’s World Cup!


National Pride and Personal Honour, Records and Personal Legacy … all in a Shop Window for Lucrative Careers, on display in close up detail … to be played and re-played billions of times.


These Soccer Players are young people teaching us all sooo much … about LIFE.


Now even more famous, now the focus of world attention and prayers … are an even younger team!


The bravest, the most together, the most important Soccer team in the World today, are 13 young boys trapped in a cave in Thailand.


Our hearts and prayers go out to them and their families for a safe and happy ending to this saga … and the greatest admiration and protection to the brave, self-sacrificing people who swam into the unknown to find these children.


Yip … It is all in the Game … This crazy game called Life.


The Luck of the Draw! Curved Balls! Relationships! Politics! Knowing the Rules to Break the Rules! Injury! Health! Exhaustion! Unfair Decisions! Fouls!


… and then there is Strategy … Big Picture Strategy to Win or even to Loose! To Play the Game until the very last whistle!


… and also there is Strategy needed for Detail to deal with everything else!


Have you also noticed and wondered about some of the amazing threads of shear genius in the Soccer Stories?


1. The togetherness of this team of little kids, supporting each other, staying alive in total darkness, for 9 days … what can we learn from their Coach!


2. The incredible dignity of Ronaldo as he left the pitch … his hopes for this World Cup over.


3. A really interesting match when England lost a game that no one wanted to win… Now that is called Strategy!


4. How many games have been won and lost in the last seconds of the match!


5. How do World Class Winners deal with Losing, and how do Past Losers turn the tables and actually Win!


Do you have Language to unpack the Miracles of … How?


NLP is a powerful language to study and understand Excellence in Mind and Performance.


NLP has come out of studies of Genius and Success.


NLP is an education of how the Mind Works.


If you want to know more of this incredible Model of the Mind and how it works, then join us as we show many more ways of How to celebrate more and more of each and every moment!


Everything of the Absolute Best to You


Stay Well! Do Well!




Denise Curnow-Baker
Patterns of Excellence
Key People Coaching & NLP Training




The Death of an Icon … and now … ?


Since the quiet passing of Winnie Madikizela-Mandela on Easter Monday, South Africa has been abuzz.


Her death has evoked intense and often conflicting emotions in so many people.


Social media has given millions of people the opportunity to publicly express their feelings … and different sites and platforms have shown how many are the Rainbows of our Nation.


This time it is not a Rainbow of Colour … it is a Rainbow of Values, a Rainbow of Loyalties, a Rainbow of Beliefs, a Rainbow of Personalities, a Rainbow of what is True!


The emotions range from deepest love to hostile, the pain of tragic loss to relief, desperate regret to celebration of her life. There is shock at new stories that are being told. Conflicting new information and misinformation has awakened new realities about an enigmatic, courageous, intense, committed and dedicated person.


Whether you liked her, whether you respected her, whether you even knew her or not … Winnie affected all of us … and absolutely everybody has an opinion!


Whatever your own beliefs or political agenda, Winnie is still recognised as a force to be reckoned with … She was a true Leader.


As the frail and fragile and very human being is laid to rest on Saturday, her energy, her agendas, her examples of courage and dedication will live on and continue to inspire and motivate a whole new generation of South Africans.


Our present Government, MPs, Community and Business Leaders would do well to follow at least one outstanding quality of her example … It seemed that at any time she had a clear Outcome or Stated Agenda that commanded either fierce loyalty or opposition.


People knew where Winnie stood.


Rest in Peace Winnie, and may we all learn deep lessons from this Independent and Courageous Woman.




Denise Curnow-Baker
Patterns of Excellence
Key People Coaching & NLP Training