Frequently Asked Questions

1 What are ‘Mind Skills’?

‘Mind Skills’ are tips, understandings and learnings about

  • how people think
  • how to choose and order one’s thoughts for specific results
  • what questions to ask one’s self
  • how different thinking produces different results
  • how to recognise when others have similar ideas that they express differently
  • how to listen to one’s own thoughts
  • how to change one’s thoughts to acheive different results
  • how to develop your intuition

2 What is ‘conscious’ and ‘sub-conscious’?

‘Conscious information’ is made up of thoughts or actions that you are aware you are thinking or doing.

‘Sub-conscious information’ is made up of thoughts and actions of which you have not been previously aware.

3 How do ‘Mind Skills’ affect Success?

How you think affects what you believe is possible. This will affect what is important to you, what decisions you make, what actions or behaviour you choose, what habits you develop, how your body responds and develops, and so what results you have in life!

4 Does ‘Mind Training’ affect your spiritual or religious beliefs?

Mind Training is a simple and straightforward understanding of information about how what you see, what you hear and what you feel affects the results you get in life.

The use of your mind and any other information from life is influenced by the wisdom of your Beliefs, your Religion or your own personal Spiritual Path.

5 Can abilities that are ‘Natural’ for one person be taught to someone else?

Yes, most of what we can do has been learned from others … even if it has taken thousands of years.

6 How is it possible for one person to be able to relate to and encourage people of different ages in different skills?

The mind is probably most exercised and most challenged at the very beginning of one’s life – techniques and lessons learned early have an exponential affect on future success … or future lack of success!

It is quite amazing how quickly people adapt and succeed when taught easy ways to do things that are simple … for some … to spell, draw, make friends, dance, to lead, be healthy or … even laugh … in later years!

The opportunity to discuss and find solutions for deep issues, bounce ideas and have lateral input is of great value … especially if the mentor has the skills to facilitate, train and develop the Key person’s own natural ability.

7 Do you change people?

No, we do not change people. We offer educated choices that may change results.

Each person is born with a God-given right to make their own choices…. and each choice has consequences. We respect that.

8 What do you ‘Do’?

In a fun and emotionally safe environment we educate people in how the mind works … and people then have new choices of HOW to get different results.

People develop awareness of the impact that their actions and language may have on others … and they discover new choices of language, action and behaviour.

All this offers the possibility of creating different results in life.


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