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Denise Curnow-Baker : NLP Trainer

Denise Curnow-Baker

Denise is passionate about discovering and enhancing Patterns of Excellence in people.

She was born and brought up in Central Africa and has travelled extensively worldwide. From an early age Denise has been fascinated by the different and unique gifts, qualities and potential that she recognises is in each person and in each culture.

Denise has a BSc in Chemistry and Zoology from Rhodes University, and in 1990 qualified in the USA with Dr Richard Bandler, co-developer of NLP, as a Master and Trainer in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Her work is strongly influenced by Design Human Engineering™ and she has been back many times to update, expand and deepen her knowlege … with special interest in the fields of Mind/Body Connection, Timeline Development, Executive Coaching and Life Style Planning.  Constantly researching and exploring the very latest developments in mind technology, Denise comes up with simple answers ” … that simply work”.

She has worked extensively with groups and individuals encouraging their development and wealth to emanate from the discovery of their own self worth and from the recognition of untapped potential in their surroundings.

“I have been fortunate to have attended lectures by many well known names in the field of NLP, and I am privileged to have had the majority of my NLP training with Richard Bandler. Richard is without doubt the creative genius in this field … I honour Richard as my teacher and inspired mentor. ”

Denise is an accredited member of The Society of NLP and her trainings have Society approval.

With lightness and freshness, Denise trains you to use the most sophisticated mind tools to empower, motivate and inspire yourself and others to new levels of competence and confidence.

She specializes in bringing the best out in people, training in the art of body language and subconscious communication.

Denise guides you to programme your own success. Heal your traumas. Recognise opportunities.
Build a future.

Denise coaches in the art of success.

Many young, budding and already successful executives have benefitted from her warm and encouraging guidance in life skills and cross-cultural understanding.

In a fun and relaxed way she shares her ability to establish deep rapport, heal emotions and develop mutual respect with people from many different cultural backgrounds.

Would you like to Experience, Understand, Know More or Train in NLP?

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NLP Practitioner Training, 10 days: (the initial training to attend)

Successful participants will receive certification from Dr Richard Bandler, and membership to The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ in the USA.

NLP Coach Foundation Training, 3 days: (a great follow up training to the NLP Practitioner Training)

The content of the training is superb and packed full of actionable examples for both Life and Business Coaching. This course is developing high calibre NLP Coaches, by combining the expert use of NLP and language skills within a structured coaching model. * Any of our Certified NLP Practitioners may apply to do a 3 day Coaching Foundation Course with us.

NLP Master Practitioner Training, 10 days:

Successful participants will receive certification from Dr Richard Bandler, and membership to The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ in the USA.

NLP Coach Certification Practice Training, 3 days:

Having completed the Coaching Foundation Course, then NLP Master Practitioners are eligible to do the 3 day NLP Coach Practice and NLP Coach Certification from Dr Richard Bandler, with membership to The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ in the USA.


Upcoming Training Schedule for 2023 still to be announced.

Trainer: Denise Curnow-Baker offers NLP Practitioner,  NLP Master Practitioner Training, & NLP Coach Training. She is licensed to train these programs by Dr Richard Bandler, co-developer of NLP.

Our Certificated NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Coach trainings are in accordance with the rulings, expectations and standards set by The Society of NLP.


Membership of The Society of NLP and Certificates signed by Richard Bandler will be issued to successful participants.

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What others have said about our NLP Training

“I received the most beautiful gift of all – the capacity to live my dreams in reality”
Adult Education Trainer 

“I have learned to get better results in my dealings with people”
CEO Listed Company

“My new NLP skills are invaluable in attracting and retaining clients for my business”
Legal Consultant

“I am particularly impressed with Denise’s knowledge and skill”
Dr of Psychology 

“This has been invaluable in my personal growth”

“Denise is highly professional and focused”
Deputy Director, Gauteng Government

“My marks went up 20%”

“I passed!”
Student for a Professional Board Exam

nlp_questionsWho can Benefit

Everyone smart enough to realise there may be more to life!    nlp_personal_power

Top Execs                                                                                                                    Movie Makers
… those in the swim                                                         Dads                                        Animators for Real or Play?
nlp_executive_coaching_and_training                                               nlp_education_for_dads

Moms                                 Ad Execs … Who are you talking to?
nlp_education_for_mom                                              nlp_child_development

Entertainers                                                         Kids
What really makes us laugh?                                                                                            … they have and need
their own time and space

… so what’s  ?                                         Students
Health Care Workers

Sportsmen                                               Fitness Boffs
Docs                         … be ahead                                                                                      Judges …
that counts!                                                                             What did you really hear?

Planners                                  nlp_career_development_and_excellence                                            Researchersnlp_direction_and vision
Shrinks …

and about … moving on?                           Real Deals       nlp_goals_and_dreams

Real Estate
Sellers … what does                                                               Teachers
your house say?                                                       There are new ways for kids to learn quickly!

Buyers                                                                       Top Dudes
… so what’s the                                                         … balance is
Hotel                                 real deal?                                                               vital and dynamic
Staff                                                                                                             Does your energy attract the big deals?
Old Timers                                           Next Timers
… wake up                                            … let go

Done Timers                                                    Designers
…still fly by night?                                          Do people like the sound of your drawing?
Can I picture what you say?
Cooks                                                                   Artists
… how do you tune your soup?                         … who will hear your Vision?
nlp_creative_design                                                                                         nlp_artistic_creativity_and_excellence

Musicians                                                                                                        Lawyers
… have you heard
the colour of                                                              Wise guys
a fish wiggle?                                                                … nice try!
nlp_music_and_creativity                                              nlp_monkeys

Trainers and Coaches                                                                 Lovers … How do you want to love?
…. your motivation                                                                                       …..  and be loved?
nlp_trainers_and_coaches                                        nlp_coaching_and_training
Leaders … meet the team
… who really make the music!

Smart Dudes
… friends too may have flesh
and blood                                      Almost Smart Dudes
nlp_online_education_and_learning                                                        nlp_planning

Smart Dudes                                                          Wuzz Dudes
nlp_decision_making_process                                                           nlp_training_for_executives

All Dudes
…  we have them on the line

                                                                                                                                       Call us Dudes!