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You can be coached in the Tools and Methodology of NLP – The Study of Excellence





Join us for an upcoming training, in

Craighall, Johannesburg … 9am-6pm daily


January 2020

NLP Practitioner Training 10 days
Mon 13 to Fri 17 & Mon 20 to Fri 24 January
(the initial training to attend, with successful participants certified by Dr Richard Bandler and The Society of NLP as an NLP Practitioner)


February 2020

NLP Coach Foundation Course 3 days
Tues 18 – Thurs 20 February
(an essential follow up course to the NLP Practitioner, exploring a coaching model that tandems wonderfully with your new NLP skills)


March 2020

NLP Master Practitioner Training 10 days
Mon 2 – Fri 6 & Mon 9 – Fri 13 March
(expanding on your NLP skills, with successful participants certified by Dr Richard Bandler and The Society of NLP as an NLP Master Practitioner)


March 2020

NLP Coach Practice Course 3 days
Tues 17 – Thurs 19 March
(live coaching practice and final evaluation, with successful participants certified by Dr Richard Bandler and The Society of NLP as an NLP Coach)


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Denise Curnow-Baker : NLP Trainer

Denise Curnow-Baker








Certification: Successful participants in NLP Practitioner Training, NLP Master Practitioner Training, and NLP Coach Training will be recommended for certification to Dr Richard Bandler (co-developer of NLP) and for membership to The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in the USA.


TrainerDenise Curnow-Baker offers NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner Training , and NLP Coach Training. She is licensed to train by Dr Richard Bandler, co-developer of NLP. Denise travels nationally and internationally, by arrangement.


NLP is not Therapy     NLP is not a Philosophy     NLP is not Spirituality    NLP is not a Religion


NLP is a Simple, Rational and Profound model of understanding of how verbal and non-verbal nuances in Dialogue, Body Language, Writing and Conversation influence both Ourselves and Others.


NLP is an Understanding of how the Mind Works


Our Trainings are an Education in Tools of Communication.


We build Awareness of how Knowledge, Values and Beliefs are reflected in our Language


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Africa is on the Move


More and more, as South Africa takes its place on the World Stage, NLP skills are vital to all Leaders … to tell our story, and especially to know, appreciate and understand how NLP is being used by the Leaders and Presidents of the World’s most Powerful Nations to Influence Opinions, gain Public Support and sway Thinking.


African Leaders deserve to know and understand this technology, in order to make informed decisions for our Future!


Explore your NLP Options with us!


Useful memories from the past provide insight and wisdom to create options for the future.


“It’s the difference that makes the difference”


We celebrate differences.


Enjoy your visit.


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