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Discover the Best in Yourself

Bring out the Best in Others


You are unique and so are your personal expectations!

Our coach, Denise Curnow-Baker specializes in bringing out the best in people.

Denise, often working in collaboration with other specialists and experts, coaches and trains individuals and small groups to develop Mastery of Specific Specialized Skills.


Key Leadership Challenge

World View

The wave of global change that is being generated by IT development is impacting and changing the established balance of world social, political and economic values..

The biggest challenges to day are the rapidly changing social environments and shifting cultural expectations.

No matter how successful, each person has to deal with family, friends and business colleagues who are changing their beliefs, values, direction and the ways that they do things.nlp_computer_training_and_course_learning

Winners develop the ability to adapt quickly. They relate to and learn from other successful people who are often very different from themselves.

Personalised training and coaching is designed and recommended for people from all occupations who aspire to greater Responsibility in Leadership and in Management.nlp_coaching_and_training

“His success depends on encouraging those who are there … and on his ability to produce a great harmony that will have influence and meaning to all who hear …”


South Africa

South Africans have a great history of collective bravery.nlp_training_johannesburg_south_africa

Yet, as Key People move into leadership positions they often find themselves isolated from the very collegues and friends who put them in power. They discover that they can benefit from objective support, encouragement and professional skills for dealing with the many new personal challenges!


It can be lonely at the top … of a Government … of a Company … of a Department … of a School … of a Team.


The international widening gap between traditional wisdom of elders, and a rapidly expanding young, educated and wealthy middle class is a world wide challenge. In South Africa life is complicated by the high mortality of HIV positive parents. As a result, young children are being cared for by elderly grandparents and even great grandparents. This has produced a generational and educational gap which is often stretched over three generations!

There is a great need for strong rapport, caring and support skills.

As more South Africans start to take ownership and responsibility for their own rapidly developing personal power and potential, so we could see a turn around in the mood, economy and well-being of this nation of great people.


Making sure there is a place for all,
our trainings maintain respect,
enhance communication, encourage questions while promoting
dialogue and understanding

Leaders cannot have all the answers and know all the rules.
Society is far too diverse for that …
Leadership is about discovering the best in yourself as you bring out the best in others!
Let us start with ourselves.
Where are we? … how? … when? … who can add value?


Trainings are customised, designed and recommended for people who aspire to Greater Responsibility in Key Roles of Leadership and Management.

Real learning takes place in a relaxed and fun environment.

Private consultations or nominated group trainings are arranged at your request.


Key Executive Life Coach

 “If you always do what you’ve always done …

    nlp_focused_on_results You’ll always get what you always got!”

Individual Coaching

Executives are supported and coached to enhance individual performance and achieve their goals.

Group Analysis

Key People may be accompanied to meetings and functions to help gain added perspective, improve resources, understand group dynamics or simply to improve the packaging of proposals.


Strategic Planning

Lateral input is given to pertinent issues bringing new perspective to trouble shooting, problem solving and strategic planning.

Key People Understand and Connect with Key People


Key Group Motivation

So many people are heading into ‘the future’ blindfolded.
They are wondering what ‘the future will bring …’

There is a golden opportunity of NOW … learn how to make Life and Time work for you.

Personal Communications

Understanding and use of Conscious and Sub-Conscious conversations.

Rapport, body language, information gathering, etiquette.

Strategic Thinking Functions

Time management, goal setting and strategic planning are only possible when these functions are activated.

These are the first functions to become confused in times of trauma, stress and bereavement.

These functions are vital for taking  responsibility and for appreciating  consequences. When muddled or lost, they are easily re-activated producing powerful changes in results.


Life Style Planning

Do you find that sometimes when you focus intently on one area of life, other areas fall apart?

This opportunity may be a wake-up call for you. A chance to explore and develop things that have ‘been put on hold’ … until there is ‘more time’ …

Is this the only exercise for which you ever have time?

You may neeeeeed us?

Health, diet and exercise planning

Removal of phobias induced by conflict, violence and trauma

Learning Strategies of Success

Development of emotional resources

Finding time to dream and play


Key Areas of Excellence

Sporting Excellence

“Is it the power of the muscle that lifts the weight or is it the mind that creates the desire?”

Learn HOW to control Emotion and make good Decisions!

Learn HOW to set appropriate Goals and understand their Consequences!

•Dare to dream
•Strategies to win
•Set Standards
•Develop Goals
•Maintain Passion
•Focus and Discipline
•Explore new Techniques
•Micro strategies that give you the edge
•Find New Ways ‘HOW’

Health Excellence

How does your Mind and Body and Emotions match what you want for your life ?

Discover HOW to develop Inspiration and Vision for yourself in your work and your life!

Academic Excellence

“Does your certificate represent what you know? … what you are able to know? .. or what you can convince others that you know?”

Learn HOW to Understand and Remember!

Find HOW to Plan and Manage Time!

•Remembering Details
•Answering Questions
•Exam nerves

Social Excellence

“When you leave a group of people do they think they are smart and intelligent or do they think you are smart and intelligent?”

The know-how to enjoy and relate to people … any people that you want to know … know what I mean? No? Or Yes!
•Establish Rapport
•Understand Protocol
•Know Etiquette
•Develop Social Confidence

Become Inspired

Be Inspiring

Coaching is about YOU

How do YOU want to relate to ..

Your Self? Your Family? Your Staff?

Your Company? Your Country?

Your World?

Key Development Skills

The most important Key People of YOUR future …

Your kids!

Allow them to excel …and be aware you may just learn a few tips too!…

and so who do we coach here? Parents or kids?

Who trains who?

Learning skills

So easy and fun when you just know ‘HOW’!

Learning, Spelling and Memory enhancement

Life skills

Confidence, Responsibility and Consequence

Social skills

Making Friends

Develop an attitude that attracts people, develops enthusiasm.

How this affects our results!

On Request, Denise shares these special fun trainings with individuals or small groups of kids, parents or teachers.


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